Administrative / Biographical History

Ross was a tremendously prolific writer particularly on malaria and malaria control but the majority of his works are contained in the Ross Archives held by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The most important items in the Ross Collection are his Nobel Prize Essay, Researches in Malaria; Hygiene for Indian Scholars, which led to yet another controversy; Memoirs and Studies on Malaria. The Ross-Manson and Ross-Laveran letters are copies of the originals held by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; File 6 contains two copies of articles by Manson and Delanoe which Ross has made and one article by Sir Malcolm Watson on the history of malaria control; File 7 contains some shorter medical works by Ross and finally File 8 contains correspondence about a dispute regarding the British publication of an American book The Microbe Hunters.


The most important and original works by Ross have been put into the first four files and arranged in chronological order. In Files 1,3,4 the manuscripts and typescripts have been followed by correspondence arranged chronologically; in File 2 the order has been reversed, i.e. correspondence followed by typescripts because Ross was asked by the publishing house to write the book. The remaining files have been arranged in chronlogical order with the contents also in chronological order.