Mortgage for £10,000: Joseph Sykes esq. and Thomas Harrison gent. both of Hull of Rev. James Torre of Snydall and the Trustees under Act for Sale of estates of Jane Torre (8 and 9 George III, C.111), Nicholas Torre of Pontefract esq., Charles Ashmall of Greys Inn and Nicholas Smith of Leeds gents.

Scope and Content

Manor of Hessle and Tranby. Messuage with 2 barns, stable, Cow Close, Ings Close, Turnpike Close, Holme Close, Carr Close, Wolferton (Close?) and Tranby Close. Specified parcels in the North Field, West Field, Little Field and Low Field of Anlaby; Tranby Field in Tranby; West Field, South Field, Wood Field, North Field and Low Field in Hessle; and Open Field of Swanland. Specified parcels of meadow in North and South Holmes and Acre Head in Anlaby; Salt Groves and Ings in Hessle. Beastgates in South Holme, the Firth, the Greens and Little Ings. Messuage with 2 barns, stable, garths and closes called Little Green, Caythrop, Ley Close, South and North Beacon Closes, Little Tranby Close, Tranby Close and Tranby Close East of the Lane. Messuage, barn, stable, Little Close, Ley Close, specified parcels of arable and meadow, and beastgates. White Cross Green Closes in Anlaby. Messuage, 2 barns, stable, orchard and garth, Horn Close and Stoned Horse Close. Closes called West, North East, and South East Tupp Closes; South, North East and North West Tranby Closes; Tranby West Close and Stony Coat Garth. 2 messuages in Hessle. All in Hessle, Anlaby, Tranby, Wolferton and Swanland: Witnessed Will. Kirkby, Jas. Smith.

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