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From Turing to J B S Haldane [1892-1964, geneticist], concerning amendments to Turing's paper submitted to Royal Society [this is the "Morphogenesis" paper]; in a reply to Turing, 14 Mar 1952, Haldane, says he has made some corrections to this. Haldane describes the work he is doing on the linear theory of homeostasis, discusses his research on biometrical measurements, which incorporate factors of heredity and environment, and his views the origins of life in self-reproducing systems. In a further letter of 19 March, Turing considers that with regard to self-reproducing systems, "I am inclined to think that the most primitive systems with this property were something altogether simpler than the current gene systems...and that the primitive ones have now been altogether displaced". He recommends Doetsch's Theorie der Laplace transformation (1937). Says hoped Haldane would be at the Henley conference, but sees he is not attending.