General articles on Carpenter's life and work

Scope and Content

This class contains articles on Carpenter's life and work, various papers on Carpenter read at public occasions, interviews with Carpenter, and four reviews of books about him. Included are pieces by a number of well-known writers from the fields of socialism and literature, such as John Bruce Glasier, Henry S. Salt, and E.M. Forster. 2/4/14 and 34 are by Sixsmith and 2/4/19 and 45 are reports on papers given by him. 2/4/12 is a copy of M.D. O'Brien's attack on Carpenter's pamphlet, Homogenic Love and his socialist beliefs (see Eng 1331/2/5 for further details of this controversy). Most of the articles dating from 1944-5 (2/4/31-41) were written at the time of Carpenter's centenary.

The material consists of complete periodicals and cuttings, except 2/4/38 which is a typescript of a radio talk by Forster. The material is predominantly British, although some American publications are included.

Related Material

other articles on Carpenter's centenary can be found in Eng 1331/2/8.