Papers of Francis Stuart Burd, Collector

Scope and Content

A collection of correspondence and booksellers' quotes for Gissing material offered for sale to Francis Stuart Burd, private collector, of Rochester, New York, between 1947 and 1971.

  • /1: Newscutting, marked Oct 1931, Dawson's [Dawson's Bookshop, California], listing Gissing material for sale;
  • /2: Letter from Brentano's, New York, dated 18 March 1947, offering a first edition set of The Emancipated;
  • /3: Letter from the Argosy Book Store, New York, dated 3 July 1947, quoting various Gissing first editions for sale, including A Life's Morning and New Grub Street;
  • /4: Letter from the Argosy Book Store, New York, dated 11 April 1950, offering for sale a Gissing autograph letter (1885) in which Gissing refers to the arrest of William Morris, Daudet, Turner and the quality of his own writings;
  • /5: Letters from James C. Howgate, Bookseller, New York, dated 19 September 1950 to 13 March 1951, offering for sale a two-volume first edition copy of Isabel Clarendon for $6, which subsequently falls through (5 sheets). For related items see GRG/2/1/7/6  below. The volumes referred to here, with the inscription in Gissing's hand To my mother and sisters, with kindest thoughts. G.G., are in the George Gissing Collection, item R183929;
  • /6: Postcard from M.C. Richter, The Book Den, California to Gilboy's House of Books, New York, regarding the inscribed copy of Isobel Clarendon, as above;
  • /7: Letters from M.C. Richter to Gilboy's House of Books and Francis Stuart Burd, respectively, dated 3 November 1958 (for a copy see GRG/2/1/7/4  below) to 23 October 1971, regarding the inscribed edition of Isabel Clarendon and other Gissing material, including various autograph letters, and one from Alfred Gissing to Richter (14 April 1934) now in this collection (see GRG/2/1/5/7 ) (6 sheets);
  • /8: Postcard from the Yankee Peddler Bookshop, New York, postmarked 24 August 1971, listing various Gissing works for sale;
  • /9: Letters from the Yankee Peddler Bookshop, dated 3 June 1971 to 31 December 1971, concerning Gissing works, listing various items for sale; including also an official opening invitation (4 sheets);
  • /10: Letter from Arthur Pforzheimer, New York, n.d., listing various Gissing novels for sale;
  • /11: Typescript list of Gissing material for sale, n.d.;
  • /12: Newscutting listing Gissing material for sale, n.d..

Custodial History

This collection of papers was acquired by Chris Kohler in 1979 from Francis Stuart Burd's widow.