Correspondence between Chris Kohler and Alfred Gissing

Scope and Content

Correspondence between Chris Kohler and George Gissing's son Alfred, and latterly Alfred's son Michael.

  • /1: Typescript letter from Kohler to Alfred Gissing, dated 1 January 1970. Kohler writes to introduce himself, he refers to Coustillas and his purchases of Gissing material including the Owens College prize volumes [for which see items R183910 in The Gissing Collection]: I am of course very keen to buy further association copies and indeed any rare Gissingana. You may possibly have some material of this kind but of course I don't know whether you would consider selling it. In any event I would consider it a great honour if I could come to see you in Switzerland: would this be possible?; this letter has been marked draft in ink; see also GRG/2/1/11/3 ;
  • /2: Postcard from Alfred Gissing to Kohler, dated 24 January 1970, notifying him of a change of telephone number;
  • /3: Typescript letter from Kohler to Alfred Gissing, copy of GRG/2/1/11/1 , dated 27 January 1970;
  • /4: Typescript letter signed from Alfred Gissing to Kohler, dated 8 February 1970: I am very pleased to have your good news of increasing interest in my father's work. The leaflets you send show how much you yourself are doing to encourage this interest. It is good to know that you are in possession of his prizes;
  • /5: Typescript letter from Kohler to Alfred Gissing, dated 31 December 1971. Kohler reports his recent Gissing acquisitions: In New York I bought a Gissing four-page autograph manuscript essay on poetry [item GRG/1/2/2 ], two autograph letters to Walter, The Commonplate [commonplace] book of your Grandfather and an autograph manuscript written by William Gissing describing an Easter country ramble made with Algernon in 1887 [item GRG/1/2/6 ]. At the London sale I purchased an autograph manuscript of part of the first draft of Veranilda [item GRG/1/2/4 ] together with a substantial collection of letters addressed to Gissing [items GRG/1/1/3/1-9 ]... All these items were for my own personal collection and I would be very interested to hear from you if you ever have any similar sort of material which you might consider selling. I would be able to give you higher prices for such material than they would fetch at auction.;
  • /6: Typescript letter from Alfred Gissing to Kohler, dated 14 January 1972. He replies to Kohler's letter of 31 December 1971 saying that he had sold various items but never for my own benefit and that he tries to keep such sales as private as possible, signed;
  • /7: Typescript letter from Kohler to Michael Gissing [Alfred Gissing's son], dated 14 February 1977, regarding a visit to Switzerland to buy books, during which time he hopes to visit him at Les Marécottes;
  • /8: Typescript letter from Michael Gissing to Kohler, dated 1 March 1977, offering accommodation at the Hôtel des Marécottes;
  • /9: Typescript letter, Kohler to Michael Gissing, dated 15 Apr 1977, thanking him for hospitality on his visit;
  • /10: Magazine clipping advertising the Hôtel des Marécottes, n.d. [c.1977];
  • /11: Postcard from Les Marécottes, n.d. [c.1977].