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Letter from George Gissing to George J. Gissing, regarding a German translation of the novel Demos that had been sent to him by mistake. Gissing writes: Worse things of the kind have happened. A story goes that some Frenchman, having been introduced to the little known Mortimer Collins astonished that author by speaking with enthusiasm of his works. Finally the foreigner exclaimed 'Best of all I like the Woman in White! A terrible situation it must have been. However, you are in the happy, thrice happy, position of not being an author of fiction. On that indeed I must congratulate you & herewith again thank you for your obliging communication.

Dated at 1 St Leonards Terrace, Exeter.


Published in P.F. Mattheisen, et al., The collected letters of George Gissing, volume five, 1892-1895 (Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 1990), pp. 45-6 .