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Letter from George Gissing to James Bertam Oldham (1861-1937). Oldham was a Stockport solicitor who gave a paper on Gissing to the Stockport Literary Club on 30 March 1898. Gissing writes: "In reply to your request for biographical & bibliographical information, I can only say that the details of my life have been uninteresting... As to 'Workers in the Dawn', I beg you not to trouble about the book. It is an exceedingly crude production, & I hope cannot easily be obtained. My work really begins with 'The Unclassed' - published somewhere about 1884, I think."

Dated at Hotel Alibert, Rome.

Includes envelope.


Published in P.F. Mattheisen, et al., The collected letters of George Gissing, volume seven, 1897-1899 (Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 1990), pp. 76-7.