Miscellaneous Copies and Transcripts of Gissing Material

Scope and Content

  • /1: Copy of an essay on Burns written by Gissing whilst at Owens College, made from the original held at the National Library of Scotland (15 sheets);
  • /2: 20 letters from Gissing to various individuals, including Thomas Hardy (1886-1887), Blackwood's Magazine (1891-1892) [copies made from the originals held at the National Library of Scotland], Algernon Gissing (1891-1895) [copies made from originals held at the Huntington Library, San Marino, U.S.A.], and others (34 sheets);
  • /3: Bundle of 22 letters, 17 of which are from Gissing to various individuals, mainly between 1886 and 1901; one is from Gissing's childhood addressed to his father (44 sheets);
  • /4: Pages from Smith, Elder & Co. accounts from 1903-1904, including those for Demos and Born in Exile (76 sheets);
  • /5: Bundle of miscellaneous photocopies of articles and notices, mostly from the 1970s, about Gissing from various publications, in English, French and Italian, including book reviews of works about Gissing and a copy of an article titled Lindow Grove College: Annual Soiree, from the Alderley and Wilmslow Advertiser, dated 25 December 1874, which notes Gissing's achievements at Owens College (127 sheets);
  • /6: Bundle of 18 items, comprising birth and marriage certificates and other material relating to Gissing family history, including Gissing's birth certificate, both marriage certificates and an early photocopy of a notebook (21 sheets).