Miscellaneous Photocopies

Scope and Content

There is a substantial quantity of photocopies of original materials held in other repositories and collected by Chris Kohler: a copy of the will of George Gissing's father, Thomas Waller Gissing (GRG/2/3/10/1); copies of the two volumes of poetry by Thomas Waller Gissing (GRG/2/3/10/2); copies of letters from George Gissing and others to his friend Clara Collet (GRG/2/3/10/3); copies of letters to H.G. Wells (GRG/2/3/10/4); miscelleneous copies and transcripts of Gissing material (GRG/2/3/10/5); and a copy of a printed article (GRG/2/3/10/6).