Printed Exhibition Catalogue

Scope and Content

Printed catalogue, George Gissing: An Exhibition from the Berg Collection (New York: The New York Public Library, 1954). Winifred Isaac's copy with annotations in pen by the author, John D. Gordan. Various newsuttings have been pasted into the front and rear, dated 1932-1961. There is also a note, in pen, of the death of Gabrielle Gissing in 1954, and a visitor's comments on the exhibition. The following loose items are enclosed:

  • /2: Autograph letter from John D. Gordan to Winifred Isaac, dated 1 April 1954, covering letter for sending her the catalogue;
  • /3: Typescript letter from Gordan to Isaac, dated 11 June 1954, discussing the Berg Collection and Isaac's family connection with the Gaussens (2 sheets);
  • /4: Autograph letter from Gordan to Isaac, dated 24 June 1954, in which he remarks on the death of Gabrielle Gissing
  • /5: Hand-written note from the Daily Telegraph, 4 July 1959, recording the death of Brigadier General J.R. Gaussen;
  • /6: Loose-leaf copy of In Search of Gissing Memories in Switzerland, by Pierre Coustillas, from Book Collection & Library Monthly, no. 8, December 1968;
  • /7: Copy of The Gissing Newsletter, volume VII, number 2, April 1971, with a list of books found in the Gissing room at the Château de Chasnay by Pierre Coustillas;
  • /8: Three flyers for the Rediscovery of George Gissing Exhibition at the National Book League, 1971;
  • /9: Miscellaneous notes regarding Gissing first editions and references to the Gaussens.