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Letter from Alfred Gissing to M.C. Richter. He writes: I am greatly obliged to you for your letter and for your sympathy in the annoyance caused by the many errors published about my father. I have tried where possible to set right such things, and am always glad to have my attention drawn to them whenever they occur, though it is difficult to counteract false impressions, & I have no doubt that many articles on my father escape my notice. Even the Dictionary of National Biography contains gross errors of fact. However, I have written a full biography, which, though it cannot yet be published on account of certain people still alive, will eventually, I hope set the whole matter right once and for all.

Dated at Barbon, Westmorland, via Carnforth.

This biography was never published. In later correspondence regarding the sale of this letter, Richter notes that, in his reference to "certain people", it is likely that Gissing means the author Morley Roberts, as he referred to his mother [Edith Gissing] as just a plain female in his book The Private Life of Henry Maitland.