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Letter from John George Black to George Gissing. He writes of Marianne Harrison: My dear fellow, I feel wretched at receiving your letter - you saw me on Tuesday 'smiling' bitterly when we were talking of this poor girl; what do you suppose are my feelings when I know the real case! How could you expect me to think that all you said of her was said in good earnest? I believed everything, except that you had really fallen in love with her. Then why - can you imagine me so base, if I had known your affection for her, to wish to cut you out! My dear fellow, you don't know me yet, you don't know how I have felt towards you.

He goes on to give details of his liaisons with Marianne Harrison. The letter is addressed to Gissing at 43 Grafton Street, C[horlton] on M[edlock].

Dated at Cleveland Villas, Crumpsall, Manchester.

Includes envelope.