Correspondence relating to the Collecting of Gissing Material

Scope and Content

A substantial collection of correspondence and papers relating to the collecting of George Gissing material by various booksellers and private collectors, including Chris Kohler. Many of the letters were written by members of the Gissing family, such as the novelist's brother Algernon and his son Alfred, and they relate specifically to the sale of material in their possession. There are also two manuscript accounts of George Gissing (GRG/2/1/13). The series has been divided into thirteen subseries:

  • GRG/2/1/1: Letters from Algernon Gissing to Frank Redway, Bookseller;
  • GRG/2/1/2: Letters from Alfred Gissing and Arthur Young to Winifred Isaac;
  • GRG/2/1/3: Papers of Francis Stuart Burd, Collector;
  • GRG/2/1/4: Letters from Alfred Gissing to M.C. Richter, Bookseller;
  • GRG/2/1/5: Letter from Elkin Matthews Ltd, Booksellers, to the Book Den, California;
  • GRG/2/1/6: Correspondence between M.C. Richter, Bookseller, and Donald Wing, Yale University;
  • GRG/2/1/7: Correspondence between M.C. Richter, Gilboy's House of Books and Francis Stuart Burd;
  • GRG/2/1/8: Copy Letters from M.C. Richter to E. Joseph, Bookseller;
  • GRG/2/1/9: Correspondence between William Plomer and Chris Kohler;
  • GRG/2/1/10: Papers relating to the Acquisition of the Eduard Bertz Collection;
  • GRG/2/1/11: Correspondence between Chris Kohler and Alfred Gissing;
  • GRG/2/1/12: Correspondence between Chris Kohler and Francis Stuart Burd;
  • GRG/2/1/13: Manuscript Accounts of George Gissing.