Scope and Content

Correspondence comprises four subseries: ten letters from George Gissing to members of his family (GRG/1/1/1); seventeen letters from George Gissing to other individuals, including Herbert Heaton Sturmer, Henry William Massingham, Elie Halpérine-Kaminsky, Morley Roberts, Henry D. Davray, Bertram Waldrom Matz, Florence Popham, Wilkinson Sherren and James Payn (GRG/1/1/2); nine letters to George Gissing from, among others, John Morley, Edmund Gosse, John Davidson, Frederic Harrison, J.M. Barrie, Ann Ritchie and H.G. Wells (GRG/1/1/3); and a single letter from Algernon Gissing, brother of George, to Tom Bedford (GRG/1/1/4).