Lease for residue of term of 62 years, rent 6 pence per ton of coal and culm, wrought, worked and landed, 8 pence per ton large coal wrought, worked and landed (in default of working, raising and landing such quantity and number of tons of coal and culm in each and every year of term as will produce sum of £300, then yielding and paying yearly rent or sum of £300), 1 shilling for every wey of coal and culm worked, wrought and landed, 1 shilling for every ton of fire clay wrought, raised or got in, from or under said farms, lands and hereditaments and actually used, 25 Mar. 1831; (i) John Parsons of Graig Cottage, parish of Cadoxtone (CADOXTON) juxta Neath, county of Glamorgan, esquire, with consent of (ii) William Meyrick of Gwadod y garth, parish of Merthyr tidvil (TYDFIL), county of Glamorgan, esquire, to (iii) Henry Usborne of Portland place, county of Middlesex, esquire, Thomas Starling Benson of North Cray, county of Kent, esquire and Hart Logan of Kentwell Hall, county of Suffolk, esquire: Veins, seams and beds of coal and culm of all kinds, nature and quality in, upon or under two farms, lands and hereditaments called Cwm Cyrnach and Llwyn Erch Edwal, otherwise Llannerch Edwal in parish of Cadoxtone (CADOXTON) juxta Neath, part of Britton (BRITON) Ferry estate.; Recites lease, 24 Mar. 1831; (i) agrees with (iii) to with all convenient speed at his cost and expense in proper and workmanlike manner form, make, drive and completely finish level and tram road or railway thereon from mouth of certain level called Ynisymond level to boundary of farms and lands called Cwm Carnach and Llwyn Erch Edwal and also shall and will in like manner form, make and complete a railway or tram road from Ynisymond level to Swansea Canal in order that coal, culm and fire clay may be carried and conveyed through over and along said level and tram road or rail road from said colliery to Swansea Canal. (i) grants (iii) full and free liberty, licence, power and authority with or without horses, carts, carriages, tram, rail or other waggons to pass, repass and travel over, across, along and upon said level, tram road and railway, for term of 19 years, paying sum of 1 shilling 6 pence per wey of coal and culm which shall travel or be conveyed or carried through, over or along said level and rail road or tram road and sum of 3 shillings per wey of coal and culm which shall travel or be conveyed or carried over, along or upon said railway or tram road to Swansea Canal.; Mentions newly projected railway from Ystradgunlais (YSTRADGYNLAIS) down Swansea Valley

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      GB 216 D/D SB 12/7
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      24 Mar. 1831
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