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a) Wapping Dispute [NGA/SOGAT dispute with News International], 1980s

b) GCHQ, Cheltenham, 25 January 1986

c) Hanging Langford, Wiltshire ('Hippy' convoy), 19 June 1986

d) Gay Pride event, Leicester, 21 June 1986

e) Anti-Apartheid festival, Clapham Common, 28 June 1986

f) Chilwell demonstration (Army depot, Nottingham), 5 July 1986

g) Broadwater Farm Demonstration, 15 September 1986

h) Anti-Apartheid Vigil, Trafalgar Square, September 1986

i) Metso Moncrieffe Defence Campaign- march and rally, Handsworth, Birmingham, December 1986

j) Events unobserved, 1986

k) Public Order Act. Information and monitoring forms, 1986

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