File. Police. Searches carried out

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a) letter about the police searching the writer's house and taking belongings on the suspicion of communism (26/08/1940)

b) response letter from the legal department regarding how inconvenient it was for a person to be not cleared by the police due to the possibility of communism despite no longer being under suspicion (28/08/1940)

c) letter from the Chief Constable's Office explaining that there is no need to notify the Middlesbrough Young Communist League and that free speech was still happening, but to be cautious (21/08/1940)

d) letter to the Chief Constable's Office from the Legal Department about the treatment of a Conscientious Objector and asking if the facts were all correct (27/08/1940)

e) response letter informing about the rights in regard to police searches of houses and any objects they take as well as whether meetings could be held in private houses (23/08/1940)

f) letter detailing the search and interrogation of an individual (9/08/1940)

g) letter from the Legal Department to an individual about the improper actions of the police in an interview and a letter asking for guidance on protesting about a police raid; details of another interrogation mentioning suspicion towards the surveillance on the general population; letter questioning the legality of destruction of property "in the interests of the State" (Jun-Aug 1940)

h) letters containing details of raids and interrogations by police officers and what actions could be taken (Jun-Aug 1940)

i) letter from an individual who was once mistaken as a "suspicious person" by the police and is now facing persecution from their neighbours (1-8/08/1940)

j) accounts of police raids and searches (22/07/1940), report on police searches and raids (19/08/1940)

k) advice from the legal department on what to do about property taken by the police during raids and searches (May-Aug 1940)

l) details on the cases of Cook and Smith involving police officers searching and raiding their houses (31/07/1940 - 13/08/1940)

m) police officers searching and raiding houses and the illegality of "The People Must Act", and the consequential issues that arose (10/07/1940)

n) searching, raiding, and interrogating of communist supporters (29/06/1940)

o) newspaper clipping on "Failure to Sound Raid Sirens" and "the Front Line" (15/07/1940); follow up on "Failure to Sound Raid Sirens" (17/07/1940)

p) receipts from police raids and searches listing the literature taken (07/1940)

q) account of a police interview (22/07/1940).

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