File. Committee for Freedom of Speech in Liverpool (established following refusal of lettings of public halls)

Scope and Content


a) list of people who volunteered to serve on the Ad Hoc Committee to defend Freedom of Expression (09/1953)

b) letter about organising the defence of freedom of expression on Merseyside (01/1954)

c) letter outlining the current situation for cinema and the issues of censorship within cinemas within Liverpool (4/01/1954)

d) letter about a meeting on the 25th January 1954

1) the reason for the failure of said meeting (8/02/1954)

2) enquiring about the success of the meeting (4/02/1954)

3) an apology and reason for not being at the meeting (28/01/1954), (12/02/1954)

4) sending wishes for the success of the meeting (22/01/1954)

e) correspondence concerning what was going on in Liverpool and clarification over requesting credentials for a conference (26-27/01/1954)

f) a letter about a fresh development in the fight against arbitrary film censorship in Liverpool (21/01/1954)

g) correspondence between the University of Liverpool and Elizabeth Allen over the letter that will be sent to all those wishing to become members of the committee (12-15/01/1954)

h) letter outlining the success of the committee in convincing the Liverpool City Council (11/01/1954)

i) letter and resultant letters about the lack of efficient procedure in dealing with applications for the use of its public halls (22-25/03/1954)

j) letter outlining the situation cinemas are in and asking for the same assistance to the development of non-commercial cinema (4/01/1954)

k) letter stating the issues with the treatment of non-commercial cinema vs. commercial cinema (5/01/1954)

l) letter about how the City Council may not realise the repercussions of their actions in regard to censorship (5/01/1954).

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