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a) 'Reply of the Arab Higher Committee for Palestine to the White Paper issued by the British Government on May 17, 1939', 30 May 1939

b) 'The International Post-War Settlement' (Report by the National Executive of the Labour Party to the Annual Conference), 1944

c) 'Jews, Arabs and the Middle East', by Ephraim Broido, 1944

d) 'Crisis in Lebanon, u.d.

e) Copy of airgraph. Dr. M. Biletzky, Tel-Aviv, to Ben Bradley, London: Resolutions adopted at 8th Conference of the Comparty of Palestine (26-28 May 1944), 5 Jul 1944

f) Typescript drafts and notes by [Reginald Bridgeman], France and the Levant; Middle East; Lebanon; Palestine, 1943-1946

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