Miscellaneous papers

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a) Documents and Discussions. Supplement for record purposes to 'International Information' (Secretariat of the Labour and Socialist International) Vol. No. 11-47, 8 Jun 1928

b) Notes and drafts by Reginald Bridgeman, 1928-1936

c) List of those to be invited to a conference with a view to appointing an Advisory Council for the British Section of the LAI, u.d.

d) 'Memorandum for Mr. Gardner' (on LAI), [1929]

e) Membership card of the LAI (Mrs Hogg), u.d.

f) 'Questions and Answers on Imperialism', by The People's Lobby, Washington DC, [1929]

g) Dance ticket, 14 Aug [1931]

h) Speech by JR Campbell, introducing a resolution on Imperialism and War, Nov 1934

i) 'Rations in Germany', article from 'The Financial News', 22 Dec 1936

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