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a) Correspondence between Reginald Bridgeman and JH Thomas. Reginald Bridgeman had offered tenancy of a house to a railway porter, and then withdrawn the offer, owing to his actions during the strike, Feb-Oct 1927

b) 'The Coal Crisis'. Statement from Miners' Federation to TUC, 1925

c) 'Statement on the General Strike of May, 1926', by the Miners' Federation, 1927

d) 'Coal - and the Nation', National Constitution Defence Committee, 1925

e) 'What the Coal Commission proposes. A Summary of its Conclusions and Recommendations', Miners' Federation, TUC, and Labour Party, 1926

f) Programme of International Labour Carnival, 1 May 1926

g) 'The General Strike. How it came about'. Poster, c.1926

h) 'Daily Express', 8 May 1926

i) Statement on the General Strike and its effects on the LMS Railway, 1926

j) 'Wealdstone and District Trades Council Strike Bulletin', Nos. 1-4, 12-16 May 1926

k) Pamphlets from Women's Committee for the Relief of Miners' Wives and Children (2), 1926

l) 'The Workers' Weekly'. No. 191, 15 Oct 1926

m) 'Mr JH Thomas's charge made at the Blackpool Labour Party Conference, Oct 1927, against the National Amalgamated Furnishing Trades Association and its General Secretary, Alex Gossip', NAFTA, Apr 1928

n) 'Havelock Wilson's Appeal on behalf of the Industrial Peace Union of the British Empire', n.d.

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