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a) 'Home Colonisation and the Unemployment Problem' (Land Nationalisation Federation Tract No. 131), Oct 1930

b) 'Forced Labour and the International Labour Office' (International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers of the RILU), u.d.

c) 'Empire', by Stafford Cripps (India League), 1938

d) 'An Indictment of Slave Labour', by K.S. Bhat (Women's Welfare League of India), u.d.

e) 'British Colonies, Protectorates, etc. (Local Legislatures)' ( HMSO), 1939

f) 'Common Sense about Colonies', by Philip Noel-Baker (Labour Party), May 1939

g) 'Statement of Policy on Colonial Development and Welfare' (HMSO Cmd. 6175), 1940

h) 'The Colonies'. Address by Lord Hailey to the Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society, 28 May 1942

i) 'The Colonies' (Labour Party), Mar 1943

j) 'The Colonies and the Future', by Ben Bradley (Communist Party), c.1945

k) Ts. 'Oppression of Balkan minorities', c.1935

l) Ts. Translation of speeches (at a conference of French Communist Party) on French colonialism, c.1938

m) Ts. 'The Colonial Problem', c.1938

n) Ts. 'Anti-Imperialist Struggle', c.1938

o) Ts. 'The Situation in Cyprus and the Claims of the Cypriots', Jun 1938

p) Ts. 'Africa', c.1943

q) Ms. drafts of Reginald Bridgeman :- 'Argentina'; 'The future of the Commonwealth'; 'Colonies. Proposed return to Germany'; 'Joint Colonial Exploitation', c.1937-1939

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