Correspondence with individuals 1917

Scope and Content

'B' - some weeding, some letters extracted;

'C' - note, 'largely dumped';

'D' - some weeding;

'E' - drastically weeded; letter from Lady Emmott 'taken';

'F' - Millicent Fawcett;

'G' - much missing before transfer of some letters; 'G' - with the Hon Mrs Spencer Graves;

'H' - some missing;

'J'; 'K';

'L - M' - 'M' consists of four letters with same correspondent, from an 'M' file which probably perished;

'P' - found in FL367;

'S (1) - Sa - Sp';

'S (2) - ST -end' inc. Philippa Strachey.;

'T' - some weeding;