'The Account Book of Lancelot Brown 'Capability' Brown, the great landscape gardener of Fenstanton, Hants'

Scope and Content

Index at front of volume

Arranged by client. Entries comprise payments received and disbursements, often including details of who the sum was paid by and to, and occasionally what the payment was for, eg 'for the water', 'for trees'

Pages 1-2:

Earl of Bute, Luton Park, 1764-1780

Also mentioned: Mr Holland, Blair, the London house and the London garden

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Pages 3-4:

Sir William Codrington, Dodington, Gloucestershire, 1764-1767

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Pages 5-6:

Duke of Bridgewater, Ashridge, Hertfordshire, 1759-1768

Also mentioned: Hawkins, Mr Holland, Mr Scott, Markham, James Symes

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Pages 7-8:

Earl of Coventry, Croome, 1762-1765

Also mentioned: Child, Benjamin Read, David Walker, William Hiam, Donn

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Page 9:

Sir George Colebrooke, Gatton, Surrey, 1762-1768

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Page 10 is blank

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Pages 11-12:

Ambrose Dickens, Branches, Suffolk, 1763-1765

Also mentioned: Alexander Knox

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Pages 13-14:

Earl Gower, Trentham, 1764-1777

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Pages 15-16:

Sir John Griffin Griffin, Audley End, Essex, 1763-1766

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Pages 17-18:

Rowland Holt Esq, Redgrave, Suffolk, 1763-1773

Also mentioned: Griffin, Hobcroft, Holland

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Page 19:

General Howard, Stoke Green, 1765-1767

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Page 20 is blank

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Pages 21-22:

The Kings most excellent Majesty, 1765-1776

Also mentioned: Sir William Breton (also spelt Bretton), Melican

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Pages 23-24:

Duke of Marlborough, Blenheim, 1764-1774

Also mentioned: Mr Walker, Langley, Blenheim park and gardens

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Pages 25-26:

Lord Milton, Milton Abbey, Dorset, 1763-1781

Also mentioned: Messrs Drummond, S. Freeman Esq of Fawley Court

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Pages 27-28:

Earl of Northampton, Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire, 1761-1767

Also mentioned: the late Earl of Northampton, Mr Hobcroft, Huntington Estate

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Pages 29-30:

Earl of Shelburne, Wycombe [Wycombe Abbey] and Bowood [Bowood House], 1762-1766

Also mentioned: John Simpson, Ash (nurseryman), Mr Scott

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Two blank unnumbered pages

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Page 31:

Sir Armine Wodehouse, Kimberley, Norfolk, 1763-1782

Also mentioned: Child & Co, Sir John Wodehouse, Field Esq of the Inner Temple

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Page 32 is blank

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Page 33:

Sir Edward Astley Bart, Milton Constable, Norfolk, 1765-1769

Also mentioned: Messrs Drummond

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Page 34 is blank

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Page 35:

Lucy Knightley Esq, Fawsley, Northamptonshire, 1765-1768

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Page 36 is blank

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Pages 37-38:

Viscount Spencer, Wimbledon, Surrey, 1766-1781

Also mentioned: Hoare & Co, Lord Spencer, Thomas Squires (for the rail fence at Wimbledon Park), John Watridge, G. Bowstreed

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Page 39:

Viscount Irwin, [Temple Newsam, Leeds], 1776-1771

Also mentioned: Messrs Drummond

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Page 40 is blank

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Page 41:

General Keppell [General William Keppel, Dyrham, Enfield], 1765-1769

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Page 42 is blank

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Pages 43-44:

Earl Waldegrave, [Navestock, Essex], 1767-1782

Also mentioned: Williamson & Co

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Page 45:

Sir Henry Bridgeman, [Weston Park, Staffordshire], 1766-1768

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Page 46 is blank

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Pages 47-48:

Lord Palmerston, [Broadlands, Romsey, Hampshire], 1766-1779

Also mentioned: Mr Deval [also spelt Devall], Mr Waldo, Mr Holland, Mr Hobcroft, John Payne

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Page 49:

Earl of Scarborough, Sandbeck Hall, South Yorkshire, 1776-1793

Also mentioned: Andrew Gardiner, Mr Brown

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Page 50 is blank

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Page 51:

Sir Ellis Cunliffe, Wimbledon, 1767

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Page 52 is blank

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Page 53:

Duke of Grafton, Euston Hall, Suffolk, 1767-1789

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Page 54 is blank

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Page 55:

Caesar Hawkins, Kelstone Park [Kelston Park], Somerset, 1767-1768

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Page 56 is blank

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Page 57:

Duke of Northumberland, Sion Park [Syon Park], Middlesex, 1767-1772

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Page 58 is blank

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Page 59 :

Earl of Hardwicke, Wimple Hall [Wimpole Hall], Hertfordshire, 1767-1772

Also mentioned: Beisley [Thomas Beisley]

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Page 60 is blank

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Page 61:

Earl of Ashburnham, [Ashburnham Place, Sussex], 1767-1781

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Page 62 is blank

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Page 63:

Lord Willoughby de Broke, [Compton Verney, Kineton, Warwickshire], 1769-1780

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Page 64 is blank

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Page 65:

Viscount Montague, [Cowdray House, Midhurst, Sussex], 1768-1774

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Page 66 is blank

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Pages 67-68:

Frances Herne Esq [Francis Herne], Flamberts, Harrow, 1769-1771

Also mentioned: Messrs Drummond, Henry Holland, William Horsburgh

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Page 69:

Judge Willis [Edward Willes], [Little Grove], East Barnet, 1769-1770

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Page 70:

Sir William Stonhouse Bart of Radley, 1770-1773

Also mentioned: Messrs Hoare

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Page 71:

Phillip Stephens Esq, Fulham, 1769-1779

Also mentioned: Robert Low, John Avery, Robert Bissell, Mr Bayley

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Page 72:

'-- Willes Esq', Digswell, Hertfordshire, 1771-1773

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Pages 73-74:

Earl of Exeter, [Burghley House, Staffordshire], 1769-1774

Also mentioned: Mr Hurst, Mr Clarke, Messrs Drummond, William Ireland

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Pages 75-76:

Earl of Donegall, [Fisherwick, Staffordshire], 1769-1782

Also mentioned: Mr C.M. Talbot, Messrs Hoare

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Page 77:

Earl of Bristol, Ickworth, Suffolk, 1769-1776

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Page 78:

Hans Sloane Esq, Stonham [South Stoneham], Hampshire, 1773-1780

Also mentioned: Hans Stanley, Paultons

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Page 79:

Lord Clive, Claremont, [Surrey], 1771-1780

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Page 80:

Hans Stanley, Paultons, [Romsey], Hampshire 1772-1774

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Page 81:

Earl of Upper Ossory, Ampthill, [Ampthill Park, Bedfordshire], 1771-1775

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Page 82:

Lord Craven, Combe Abbey [Coombe Abbey], Warwickshire, 1772-1776

Also mentioned: Benham

(iBase LIB0002966)

Page 83:

John Calcraft, Leeds Abbey, [Maidstone, Kent], 1770-1776

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Page 84:

Earl of Abingdon, Rycot, [Rycote Park, Oxfordshire], 1772-1776

Also mentioned: James Hope, Mr Way, Messrs Drummond

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Page 85:

Earl of Hillsborough, Hill Park, Kent, 1772-1775

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Page 86:

Charles Pelham [Charles Anderson-Pelham], Brocklesbury [Brocklesbury Hall, Lincolnshire], 1771-1780

(iBase LIB0002968)

Page 87:

Baron Tracy [Baron Tracey], Putney Heath, 1774

Also mentioned: Mr Lapidge, Messrs Clive & Goslings

(iBase LIB0002969)

Page 88:

Edward Southwell, Kings Weston [Kings Weston House], Gloucestershire, 1778

Also mentioned: Mr Spyers, G.V. Vernon

(iBase LIB0002969)

Page 89:

Lord Folkestone, Longford Castle, [Wiltshire], 1777

Also mentioned: Mr Spyers, Lord Radnor

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Page 90:

Earl of Pembroke, Wilton [Wilton House, Wiltshire], 1780

(iBase LIB0002970)

Page 91:

Henry Herbert, High Clear [Highclere Castle], Hampshire, 1770

Also mentioned: Mr Spyers, Lord Dorchester

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Page 92:

Sir James Lowther, Lowther, [Lowther Castle, Westmorland], 1763-1780

Also mentioned: Mr Spyers, Saleham estate

(iBase LIB0002971)

Page 93:

Lord Pigot, undated

(iBase LIB0002972)

Page 94:

'-- Pigot Esq, near Stilton', undated

(iBase LIB0002972)

Page 95:

'-- Durant Esq', Tong Castle, [Shropshire], undated

(iBase LIB0002973)

Page 96:

'-- Bayley Esq', Hanwell, Middlesex, undated

Also mentioned: Mr Lapidge

(iBase LIB0002973)

Page 97:

Edwin Lasscelles [Edwin Lascelles], Gawthorpe [medieval predecessor of Harewood House, Yorkshire], 1774-1781

(iBase LIB0002974)

Page 98:

Mr O'Bryen, Taplow [Taplow Court, Buckinghamshire], 1778-1779

(iBase LIB0002974)

Page 99:

George Byng, Wrotham Park, near Barnet, undated

Also mentioned: Sam Lapidge

(iBase LIB0002975)

Page 100:

Viscount Torrington, Southill [Southill Park], Bedfordshire, 1777-1778

Also mentioned: George Bowstreed

(iBase LIB0002975)

Page 101:

Viscount Lisburne, Mamhead [Mamhead Park], Devonshire, 1773

(iBase LIB0002976)

Page 102:

Sir Thomas Broughton, Doddington [Doddington Park], Cheshire, 1778

(iBase LIB0002976)

Page 103:

Earl of Derby, Knowsley [Knowsley Park], Lancashire, 1775-1776

Also mentioned: Lord Strange

(iBase LIB0002977)

Page 104:

Earl of Suffolk, Charlton [Charlton Park], Malmesbury, Wiltshire, undated

(iBase LIB0002977)

Page 105:

John Aubery, Borstall [possibly Boarstall], Buckinghamshire, undated

(iBase LIB0002978)

Page 106:

Earl of Peterborough, Peterborough House, Fulham, 1773

Also mentioned: Mr Spyers

(iBase LIB0002978)

Page 107:

Edward Stratford, later Earl of Aldborough, Brentford, [Middlesex], 1773

(iBase LIB0002979)

Page 108:

Earl of Clanricarde, undated

Also mentioned: Mr Spyers

(iBase LIB0002979)

Page 109:

John Conyers, Copt Hall [Copped Hall], Essex, undated

Also mentioned: Mr Griffin

(iBase LIB0002980)

Page 110:

'-- Archer Esq', Coopersale [Coopersale House], Essex, 1774

Also mentioned: Messrs Drummond

(iBase LIB0002980)

Page 111:

William Mathew Burt, Maiden Earley [Maiden Earleigh], Berkshire, undated

Also mentioned: Mr Griffin

(iBase LIB0002981)

Page 112:

Francis Sykes, Bassildon [Basildon Park], Berkshire, 1778

(iBase LIB0002981)

Page 113:

Jacob Houblon, Hallingbury [Hallingbury Park], Essex, 1778

Also mentioned: Mr Spyers

(iBase LIB0002982)

Page 114:

Sir Lawrence Dundass [Lawrence Dundas], Aske Hall, Yorkshire, undated

(iBase LIB0002982)

Page 115:

Sir William St Quintin, Scampston [Scampston Hall], Malton, Yorkshire, 1773

(iBase LIB0002983)

Page 116:

John Fleming, North Stonham [North Stoneham Park], Hampshire

Also mentioned: Andrew Gardiner, Alexander Knox, Messrs Child & Co, Mr Fleming

(iBase LIB0002983)

Page 117:

'-- Clifford Esq' [possibly Thomas Clifford], Tixall House, [Staffordshire], 1774

Also mentioned: Collier, Lord Donegall

(iBase LIB0002984)

Page 118:

Duke of Buccleugh [Duke of Buccleuch], Adderbury [Adderbury House], Oxfordshire, 1775

Also mentioned: Sam Lapidge

(iBase LIB0002984)

Page 119:

George Durant, Tong Castle, Shropshire, undated

(iBase LIB0002985)

Page 120:

George Clive, [Mount Clare], Roehampton, 1775

(iBase LIB0002985)

Page 121:

William Constable, Burton Constable, Yorkshire, 1774

(iBase LIB0002986)

Page 122:

Lord Digby, Sherborne Castle, Dorset, 1775-1779

Also mentioned: Dickenson, Hoard & Co

(iBase LIB0002986)

Page 123:

Rev Mr Tattersall, Gatton, 1763-1778

Also mentioned, Newham

(iBase LIB0002987)

Page 124:

Duke of Ancaster, Grimsthorpe [Grimsthorpe Castle], Lincolnshire, 1773-1778

Also mentioned: S. Lapidge, Richmond Hill

(iBase LIB0002987)

Page 125:

Robert Drummond, [Cadland House], Fawley, Southampton, 1775-1781

(iBase LIB0002988)

Page 126:

George Rice, Newton Castle, Landils [Newton House, Llandeilo], South Wales, 1775-1778

(iBase LIB0002988)

Page 127:

Earl of Oxford, Eywood, Herefordshire, 1775

(iBase LIB0002989)

Page 128:

Lord Clive, Oakley Park, Ludlow, [Shropshire], 1775

(iBase LIB0002989)

Page 129:

Earl of Harborough, Stapleford, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, 1775-1776

Also mentioned: Mr John Clarke of Burleigh, William Ireland

(iBase LIB0002990)

Page 130:

William Bethell, Rise [Rise Park], Yorkshire, 1775

(iBase LIB0002990)

Page 131:

Sir Henry Gough, Edgbaston [Edgbaston Hall], Warwickshire, 1776

(iBase LIB0002991)

Page 132:

John Weyland, Dornford, Oxfordshire, 1775

(iBase LIB0002991)

Pages 133 and 134:

His Majesty the King, Richmond Gardens account, 1777-1781

Also mentioned: Mr Brindnell, G. Mathias. The final account is entered in 1787 by Henry Holland

(iBase LIB0002992)

Page 134:

Nathaniel Cholmley, Howsham, Yorkshire, undated

(iBase LIB0002992)

Page 135:

Lord Mountstuart, Cardiff Castle, Glamorganshire, 1777-1778

Also mentioned: Mr Spyers, Henry Holland

(iBase LIB0002993)

Page 136 (unnumbered):

'-- Heron Esq' [possibly Thomas Heron], Chilham Castle, Canterbury, Kent, 1777-1781

(iBase LIB0002993)

Page 137:

Earl Gower [Lord Gower], Trentham Hall, Staffordshire, 1778-1781

Also mentioned: Mr Holland, William Ireland, Messrs Drummonds

(iBase LIB0002994)

Page 138 (unnumbered) is blank

Page 139:

Earl of Bute, Luton Park [Luton Hoo], 1778-1782

Also mentioned: Highcliffe, Lord Dudley

(iBase LIB0002995)

First page numbered 140:

Lord Dudley and Ward, Himley [Himley Hall], Staffordshire, 1774-1782

Also mentioned: Henry Holland

(iBase LIB0002995)

Second page numbered 140:

Earl of Suffolk, Charlton [Charlton Park, Malmesbury], 1780

(iBase LIB0002996)

Page 141 (unnumbered):

Sir Thomas Tancred, Cuffnells [Cuffnells Park, Lyndhurst], Hampshire, 1780

(iBase LIB0002996)

Page 142:

Lord Arundel [Lord Arundell], Wardour Castle, [Wiltshire], 1780

(iBase LIB0002997)

Page 143:

Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Wynnstay, [Wrexham, Wales], 1777-1782

Also mentioned: Child & Co, Samuel Lapidge

(iBase LIB0002997)

Page 144:

R.H. Beaumont, Whitley Beaumont, Yorkshire, 1779-1780

(iBase LIB0002998)

Page 145:

Sir Richard Worsley, Appuldurcombe, Isle of Wight

(iBase LIB0002998)

Page 146:

Thomas Harley, Berrington [Berrington Hall], Leominster, Herefordshire, 1781-1782

Also mentioned: S. Lapidge, Sir Charles Raymond

(iBase LIB0002999)

Page 147:

James Trecothick, Addington Place, Surrey, 1781-1782

(iBase LIB0002999)

Page 148:

Earl Harcourt, Nuneham, [Nuneham House, Nuneham Courtney], Oxfordshire, 1781-1782

(iBase LIB0003000)

Unnumbered page:

Sir George Cornewall, Moccas Hall [Moccas Court], Herefordshire, 1781

(iBase LIB0003000)

Page 149:

Thomas Coventry, North Cray [North Cray Place], Kent, 1781-1782

(iBase LIB0003001)

Page 150:

Richard Barnwell, Stanstead Park, Sussex, 1782

Also mentioned: Mr Spyers

(iBase LIB0003001)

Page 151:

Charles Kent, Fornham Genevieve, Suffolk, 1781

Also mentioned: Mr Spyers, S. Lapidge

(iBase LIB0003002)

First page numbered 152:

John Baker Holroyd, Sheffield Place, Sussex, 1776

Also mentioned: Mr Spyers

(iBase LIB0003002)

Second page numbered 152:

Mrs E. Montague [Mrs Edward Montagu], Sandleford, Berkshire, 1781-1782

Also mentioned: Mr Spyers, S. Lapidge

(iBase LIB0003003)

Page 153:

Thomas Fitzmaurice, Llewaney Hall [possibly Lleweni Hall], St Asaph, Denbighshire, 1782

(iBase LIB0003003)

Page 154 (unnumbered) is blank

Page 155:

Duke of Rutland, Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire

Also mentioned: John Spyers

(iBase LIB0003004)

Page 156 (unnumbered) is blank

Page 157:

Sir Gerard Vanneck, Heveningham Hall, Halesworth, Suffolk, 1782

Also mentioned: S. Lapidge

(iBase LIB0003006)

Unnumbered page (blank)

Page 158:

Earl of Bristol, Ickworth, Suffolk, 1781

(iBase LIB0003007)

Unnumbered page (blank)

Page 159:

Sir John Ramsden, Byram [Byrham Hall], Yorkshire, 1782

Also mentioned: John Spyers, Samuel Lapidge

(iBase LIB0003008)

Unnumbered page (blank)

Page 160:

Lord Stourton, Stourton House, Yorkshire, 1782

Also mentioned: S. Lapidge

(iBase LIB0003010)

Unnumbered page (blank)

Page 161:

Lord Ducie Moreton, Woodchester Park [Woodchester Mansion], Gloucestershire, 1782

Also mentioned: Mr Spyers, S. Lapidge

(iBase LIB0003010)