Rosina Lady Lytton to Miss Becker

Scope and Content

She refers to her penniless state; her bitter feelings about having brought such a contemptible little wretch as the Viceroy (her son Robert, 1st Earl of Lytton was appointed viceroy of India in 1878) into the world; twenty years ago on 22 Jun 1858 'his vile father' had her kidnapped in London and incarcerated in a private madhouse; later sent his son to convey her abroad and by playing on her affections made her swear not to expose his infamous father. She goes into details about her money affairs and complains bitterly that her net income is just £440 net a year. Further troubles on the death of the trustee and delays in appointing another,. Her friend will now understand why she could only send her that beggarly 10/- a year. Her heart bleeds for those poor Indians rules by such a man, but she blames the Premier for this who 'gave into his young hands that many kingdomed Empire for a plaything'.