Legal letters concerning financial activities

Scope and Content

Undated inventory (appears to be for a rented property - first page is missing). Four letters from Gray and Dodsworth, solicitors, 1936-38. Letter from Gray and Dodsworth, Solicitors, regarding Lord Deramore (deceased) 1941. Two notices for income and surtax, 1956/7, 1963/4. Two letters from Gray, Dodsworth and Cobb telling Violet Deramore that her tax was due,1958/9, 1964. Gray, Dodsworth and Cobb letters re surtax and the RW Deramore Trust (with accounts), 1966. Two letters from Gray, Dodsworth and Cobb re reorganising Violet Deramore's financial affairs, 1968-72. Letter from the Court of Protection assuming control of Violet Deramore's property, 1971. List of assets and liabilities for Violet Deramore, deceased, 1975.

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