Scope and Content

Area Nurse Training Committees were established under the Nurses Act, 1949. They were set up originally to have constant regard to methods of training nurses in their area, to promote research and investigation into matters relating to the training of nurses with a view to improving the methods employed, to advise and assist authorities engaged in the training of nurses, and to advise the General Nursing Council in matters relating to the approval of institutions for the training of nurses.

For further information see the document produced by the Ministry of Health and the General Nursing Council in 1951, a copy of which is included in the minute book, 1951-1953 (Reference H4/12/A1/1)

The volumes in this series are labelled 'Oxford Area Nurse Training Committee', but they also contain minutes from some or all of the following committees:

Committees and Sub Committees:

Area Nurse Training Committee

Education Sub Committee

Finance Sub Committee

General Purposes Committee and Sub Committee

Oxford Area Nurse Training Committee

Research and Investigation Sub Committee

Teaching Equipment Ad Hoc Committee

Training Sub Committee

Working Party Sub Committee