Information newsletter, Issue No.9

Scope and Content

Information on

Report for the 1970-1971 academic year, with a message from the Chairman of the Board of Governors, appointment of Principal and Associate Principal, Tom Arnold and James Hockey, new prospectus, new college buildings, the structure of art education

College organisation with details of the Governing Body and the Academic Board

News from the departments:

Fine Art, Textiles, Graphic Design, Photography, Three Dimmensional Design, Complementary Studies

'Services to the comunity, including appointment of Pottery Staff and exhibition at Guildford House in May 1971

News of staff and students, including exhibitions by Harold Cheeseman, James Winterbottom, and Leszek Muszynski among others, staff leaving, students leaving, articles by staff being written for journals

Staff Association notes, discussing how Guildford and Farnham could become closer

Farnham Centre Staff Travel Prize notes

Administrative notes

Awards of diplomas and prizes, with students names