Information newsletter, Issue No.6

Scope and Content

Information on

Notes on the Inaugural meeting of the College Council, with details of election

News from departments

Textiles, relating to visiting lecturers on spot weaves, plain weaves and derivatives

Ceramics, including emphasis on kilns, visiting lecturers, and a working party from Textiles, Ceramics, and other departments, planning an exhibition

Joint architectural project

Fine Art, relating to departmental symposia, and visits

History of Art, relating to the beginning of public lectures

Complementary Studies, Farnham, with a visit from Mike Horowitz to the Poetry Group

Printing, relating to the prize giving in the School of Printing

Graphic Design, relating to a project for the UK Atomic Energy Authority, a working party for Typographic Teaching at the London College of Printing, and lectures attended

Television and Film production, relating to a departmental television programme

Three Dimmensional Design, relating to the Kiln, and invites for suggestions to Guildford Borough Council for the decorative treatment of the new Friary Pedestrian Subway

Complementary Studies, Guildford, relating to a Moor Park Symposium on The Explosion of the Seventies, with social and economic changes expected to be considered

Non-vocational studies, Guildford, relating to an evening class in Dress Design, and exhibition

Lists of staff changes - Anthony Bye to Graphic Design, and Sonya Ingram (Mrs) to the Non-Vocational Department, and Richard J. Carter to Drawing and Painting

Brief news items on staff realting to staff exhibitions, and books published

Staff Association, Guildford Centre, notes on nominations

Staff visits to Photography and Televsion and Film Production

Post Diploma student work, Terry Stevens (Product Design Diploma 1969)

Information on the first edition on Fusion

Vogue's 1970 Talent Contest

Calendar, Spring Term 1970

Short films in Guildford Centre (Stoke)'s Photographic Studio notice