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The modern Oxford Jewish Congregation was founded in 1842. The official consecration of the first Oxford synagogue in Richmond Road, Oxford, was 29th January 1893. The Oxford Jewish Congregation took possession of its new Synagogue and Community Centre in 1974, and its consecration took place on Sunday 28 April 1974. This new Oxford Synagogue and Jewish Centre was built on the site of the earlier synagogue. The Oxford Jewish Congregation provides for the needs of all Jews in Oxford, whether residents, students or visitors.

For further information about the Oxford Jewish Congregation, there are two relevant publications: 'The Jews of Oxford' by David M. Lewis, and 'Then and Now: a collection of recollections', compiled by Freda Silver Jackson. There are also earlier original records held at the Bodleian Library dating back to 1881, (ref: MS Top. Oxon d.486-488). The Oxford Jewish Congregation website also provides both historical and current information http://www.oxford-synagogue.org.uk/

Births, marriages and deaths of Jews living in the Oxford area are registered at Oxford Register Office. A marriage register is also maintained by the Congregation's marriage secretary. There is a Jewish section in Wolvercote Cemetery and burials that take place there are recorded in Wolvercote Cemetery's registers of burials. Note that people who have died in Oxford may have been buried elsewhere and that progressive Jews may choose to be cremated. The Oxford Jewish Congregation does not keep records of circumcisions, which are affairs of the family concerned. There are some scattered references to barmitzvahs and batmitzvahs in some series of correspondence and ephemera in this catalogue.

O26/1 Oxford Jewish Congregation (OJC)

O26/2 B'nai B'rith (The Oxford Lodges)

O26/3 B'nai B'rith Youth Organisation

O26/4 Education Committee and Hebrew Classes

O26/5 Oxford Hillel

O26/6 Oxford Jewish Centre Management Committee

O26/7 Oxford Jewish Friendship Club

O26/8 Oxford Jewish Social Section

O26/9 Oxford Menorah Society

O26/10 Oxford Synagogue and Community Centre (relating to the building that opened 1974)

O26/11 Playshul

O26/12 WIZO (Jewish Women's organisation)

O26/13 'Oxford Menorah' magazine

O26/14 1992 Anniversary

O26/15 Oxford University Israel Society

O26/16 Oxford University Jewish Society

O26/17 Campaign for Soviet Jewry

O26/18 Papers of David Lewis

This catalogue is made up of the following accessions: 4010, 4265, 4438, 4415, 4478, 5113 and 5118, which were deposited 1995-2003. Catalogued by Jenny Childs and Talei Rounds, 2006.

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