Letter from David Jones to Jim Ede: Edes have moved to Kettle's Yard Cambridge

Scope and Content

David Jones is happy to hear that Ede has moved into the Cambridge home [Kettle's Yard]. David Jones has been unwell and therefore not able to send a photograph of an inscription to Jim and Helen Ede for Christmas. Jones mentions Tom and Mabel Burns, Harman Grisewood. The Redfern Gallery wants to borrow 'Vexilla Regis' for an exhibition on religion. Jones mentions Jim Ede's 'religious difficulties' and mentions Von Hugel. Jones enquiries whether Jim Ede sees anything of Kathleen Raine who also lives in Cambridge [at Girton]. Jones mentions Thomas Merton [Trappist monk and prolific writer on religion. Also mentions lettering for Candlemas. No address.