Letter from David Jones to Jim Ede: discusses style of two paintings

Scope and Content

David Jones is worrying about the Ganymede reproduction of 'The Four Queens' which he considers to be his best picture. Discusses it and replies from 'the Chapel in the Park' at length. Mentions a new picture of Aphrodite by the sea [Gwener, 1959] which he compares with his beastly picture of the Mass ['A Latere Dextro', c. 1943-9]. Discusses the style of the two paintings, how he feels short of what he is trying to do although Ben [Nicholson] manages it. Describes an unfinished 'Tristan and Iseult in the ship [ ? Tristan and Essylly c. 1962 or study for same 1959-60] also a 'bowl of flowers in the window' [? Caregl Blodewdd: Flora's Calix, no. 138 in 'Word and Image'; see also Lord Clark in the DJ Agenda]. Also a 'certain amout of writing', including a fragment of a poem [? The Tutelar of the Place]. No address