Letter from David Jones to Jim Ede: mentions Tony Stoneburner's writings and works by Colin Wilcockson and Rachel Bromwich

Scope and Content

David Jones apologises for not having written. He mentions Tony Stoneburner [article by him in 'Agenda' Spring/Summer 1967, David Jones special issue] . Jones wishes he could find a copy of 'the thing you got me to write at Rock in the 1930s', which he thinks may be in the Tate, for TS Eliot. [See letter of 22 August 1935, KY/EDE/1/8/1/19]. Correcting the proofs of 'The Fatigue' [privately printed for Jones 70th birthday]. Feels that Jim is confusing it with other pieces he read to him when Jim was living in Hampstead. Gives a chronology of his writings. Mentions works by Colin Wilcockson and Rachel Bromwich. Has had a private telephone installed in his new room. No address.