DVD entitled "A policeman's lot" an interview with Hubert Thomas. This DVD is an account of the events of how policing changed and evolved in Swansea during the years 1951 to 1982.

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Track 1. [00:00:07] Personal Details: Hubert Thomas (HT). [00:00:22] Police: Reasons for joining - security, pension. [00:00:54] Civil Defence: HT messenger at Police Station in war. [00:01:08] Police: GWR personnel into police. [00:01:31] Police: Joining procedure, references. [00:02:07] Police: Chief Constable David Victor Turner. [00:02:40] Police: Swearing in, allegiance: 6/12/51. [00:03:42] Police: Training, Bridgend (No. 8 Police District Training College). [00:03:56] Police: Class Leader. [00:04:49] Police: Procedure, new monarch. [00:05:52] Police: Uniform, tailor in station. [00:06:08] Mr Britain: HT was holder of this. [00:06:38] Police: Uniform discomfort. [00:07:06] Police: Comrades, numbers. [00:07:19] Police: Training, law, lectures, weekly tests. [00:07:39] Police: Difficulty of training, stress (lost 21lbs in 3 months). [00:08:04] Police: Responsibilities of Class Leader. [00:08:42] Police: Return to Swansea, duties, nerves. [00:09:37] Police: Hours, duties, beat areas. [00:10:14] Police: About 220 in Swansea force, 1952. [00:10:28] Police: Sergeant Dodd, a great help. [00:11:06] Police: Parades, inspections. [00:11:13] Police: Points system, locations (Beat 21 Landore/Plasmarl; 4 officers). [00:11:54] Police: Discipline, hourly calls to station, from police boxes. [00:12:55] Police: Police box locations. [00:13:18] Police: Relations with public "excellent", close, local. [00:13:53] Police: Equipment. [00:14:27] Police: Cars - few. Wolseys, petrol from central station pumps. [00:14 52] Police: Bicycles. [00:15:09] Transport: Very few private cars. [00:15:35] Crime: Criminals: on foot, or bikes. [00:15:49] Crime: Cars common = car theft common, used for crimes. [00:15:52] Police: Knowledge, informality in 1950s. [00:17:15] Police: Modern bureaucracy, statistics, misleading. [00:18:04] Police: Change in relationship with public. [00:18:08] Police: Flint House lectures (Goring-on-Thames) to Met Police. [00:18:31] Police: Local knowledge, relationships. [00:18:53] Police: Stress; Mrs Trotman's death. [00:18:52] Police: False suicide alert. [00:20:21] Police: Dead baby; PC Stokes. [00:20:55] Police: Suicide, self-immolation. [00:22:07] Police: Need for right character. [00:22:25] Crime: "Totters" - rag & bone men, scrap thefts. [00:23:34] Crime: Totters neglect of horses; farm fodder. [00:24:20] Police: Camaraderie, esprit de corps. [00:24:48] Police: Divisional Dances, Mackworth Hotel, High Street [Current location of Mackworth Court flats, next to Jobcentre]. [00:24:51] Police: 'A' Northern Sub-Division, boxes in Morriston. [00:25:16] Police: Pantomime, Patti Pavilion, Police Ball, Brangwyn Hall; Concerts. [00:25:28] Police: Band, personnel. [00:26:04] Police: Decline of camaraderie. [00:26:19] Police: Reactions to violence. [00:27:11] Industry: Morriston industry & mining, 1950s, peer group control. [00:27:46] Crime: End of industry - unemployment, drugs. [00:28:05] Police: Co-operation with pub licensees, common sense. [00:29:18] Police: Deferred fines, practicality of punishments. [00:29:45] Police: Warrant Officers - remand breakers, non-payers, etc. [00:29:57] Police: Treatment of arrested, duties. [00:30:06] Police: Juveniles to Cardiff Jail. [00:30:11] Police: Warrant personnel. [00:30:41] Crime: Drugs, problems in policing. [00:31:58] Police: Judge Sir Edmond Davis, Commission on Police pay. [00:32:31] Police: Effects of pay& conditions review. [00:33:06] Police: Graduate recruitment. [00:33:44] Police: New sections, expertise, specialisations. [00:34:39] Police: Decline of all-round skills. [00:35:16] Crime: Vehicular crime: more vehicles = criminalisation of more people, animosity. [00:35:53] Society: Decline of community spirit. [00:36:38] Police: Change in policing problems. [00:36:53] Police: 1950s duties, procedures - corpse treatment. [00:38:13] Police: Traumatising nature of work, police suicides. [00:38:30] Aberfan: Duties at school, shock. [00:39:43] Christianity: Help in dealing with traumas. [00:41:40] Police: Mount Street patrol, Wind Street. [00:42:15] Fishing Industry: Consolidated Fisheries trawler fleet: fish market near Swing Bridge, by pumphouse. [00:42:46] Crime: Drunkenness of trawler crews, pubs, fights, arrests. [00:43:45] Crime: Difficulty of dealing with large, aggressive drunks. [00:44:02] Police: Advantage of physical abilities and size. [00:44:38] Docks: Problems of drunken aquatics, suicides. [00:46:29] Police: Pragmatic approach to juvenile rule-breaking. [00:47:32] Lifeguards: Training, exploits, salvage opportunities. [00:49:20] Sport: Police teams - water polo, life saving. [00:51:07] Police: Sub aqua section. [00:51:38] Police: Police Boxes installed under Chief Constable Rawson, c30 in Swansea. [00:52:09] Police: Few cars, Wolseys, bell problems. [00:53:44] Police: End of boxes. [00:53:58] Police: Panda cars, procedures. [00:54:49] Police: Accidents, administrative tedium. [00:55:36] Police: Change to cars = less contact with public. [00:56:11] Police: Personnel radio systems. [00:56:55] Police: Technology affects relationships. [00:57:35] Police: "A citizen locally appointed". [00:58:48] Police: Force amalgamations, loss of unit pride. [01:00:21] Police: New force = less local knowledge. [01:00:51] Police: Responsibility, moral judgements. [01:01:30] Police: 1969 Springboks: St Helens riot. [01:01:57] Apartheid: HT declined chance of choir visit to South Africa. [01:02:10] Apartheid: Choir tour, "Jones Choir", anonymity: acrimony, Cwmbach Choir breakup. [01:02:40] Police: 1969 Springboks. [01:03:04] Police: Individual morality. [01:04:23] Police: 1970s continuation of technology emphasis. [01:05:30] Police: Changing laws, technology, IT. [01:06:10] Police: Fear of initiative. [01:06:19] Police: Warrant Officer service, arrests. [01:08:03] Police: Warrant Officer names. [01:08:49] Police: "Lots of warrants" for Sandy Lane, Pennard. [01:09:21] Police: Threats by criminals. [01:10:04] Crime: Cost of imprisonment. [01:10:22] Crime: Imprisonment = outstanding fines deleted. [01:10:40] Police: Instalment payment of fines, successful. [01:12:02] Police: 1970s continuation of drift to bureaucracy and restrictions. [01:12:55] Multiple Sclerosis: HT volunteer ambulance driver. [01:13:22] Police: Strange modern priorities, resource allocation. [01:14:18] Police: Warrant Officers: plain clothes. [01:14:29] Cancer Research: Charity swim (in uniform). [01:15:26] Physical Training: 1937, YMCA. [01:16:07] Boxing: Middleweight, St Julian's Boxing Club, Newport. [01:16:26] Physical Training: Physical Culture Club, Manselton. [01:16:38] Hayling Island: Sunshine Holiday Camp. [01:17:01] Wrestling: UK Olympic wrestling team. [01:17:16] Physique Competitions: Ken Richmond (Rank gong-beater). [01:17:41] Physique Competitions: HT Mr Swansea [1948?]. [01:17:52] Physique Competitions: HT Mr Wales, 1949, 1950. [01:17:57] Physique Competitions: HT 5th[?]Mr Britain. [01:18:06] Physique Competitions: HT Mr Britain, 1950, British Perfect Man, Best Couple. [01:18:54] Physique Competitions: Mr Universe, 3rd x 3. [01:19:10] Physique Competitions: Swansea Police unsupportive. [00:80:09] Physique Competitions: HT skipper, Welsh Physical Culture Team. [00:80:21] Physique Competitions: Welsh Powerlifting Champion. [00:80:26] Judo: Black belt, Welsh team. [00:81:03] Charity Fundraising: YMCA, Cancer Research, Harefield, MS, Medicaid. [00:82:40] Steroids: Cheating, dangers. [00:83:30] Police: Reflections on service (archaic pejorative "slop" for a policeman). [00:84:03] Police: Landore beat. [00:85:02] Police: Criminals' thanks. [00:86:20] Police: Lecture on public order, and Tonight programme. [00:87:08] Education: Importance of autodidactism; philosophy.