Miscellaneous Autograph Letters

Scope and Content

The letters in this class are not addressed to Crozier and do not relate to him directly, although some concern the contemporary art world. They appear to have been collected by Crozier as autographs. There are examples of autographs by Matthew Arnold, John Brett, Richard Cobden, William Cowper, Thomas Creswick, John Dalton, George III, George Harry Grey (6th Earl of Stamford), William Henry, William Howitt, Edward Jenner, James Sheridan Knowles, Sir Edwin Landseer, Johann Lavater, Alphonse Legros, Granville Sharp, Edward Smith Stanley (later 14th Earl of Derby), James Ward, Sir Edwin William Watkin, and John Wilson-Patten (1st Baron Winmarleigh).


in the absence of any original order the items within this class have been arranged in alphabetical order of writer.