Correspondence on and other papers relating to Charles Babbage

Scope and Content

Includes correspondence with Angela Pacillo, University of Bari; Jim Roberts; Doron D. Swade, Science Museum; Sir Austin Robinson, Sidney Sussex College; Jenny Jardine, Cambridge University Development Office; Ole Immanuel Franksen, Technical University of Denmark Lyngby; E. F. Clark; Pierre E. Mounier-Kuhn, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers; Alan J. Clark, Deputy Librarian of the Royal Society; Philip C. Enros, Science Council of Canada; Robert Bolick, MIT Press; Douglas Fraser, Christ's College; Michael Lindgren, National Museum of Science and Technology Stockholm. Also includes list of Babbage portraits, reviews by Doron Swade of works on Babbage, papers relating to the launch of the Works of Charles Babbage, edited by Martin Campbell-Kelly, summary of a Babbage opera, a draft paper 'Babbage's expectations for the difference engine' by MVW, notes on archival collections and versions of Pray, Mr Babbage.

Additional Information