Personal correspondence

Scope and Content

Including MS and TS correspondence with G. Collins; Messrs Kerridge and Messrs Pitt, Allebone and Dewey, both of Cambridge, Building Contractors; The Superintendent, Army Operational Research Group, West Byfleet; D. C. Martin, the Royal Society; various St John's College and May Ball officers, among them J. Wordie, G. Daniel, J. S. Boys Smith and G. Gwilt; Ilse and Julius ?Bartels; officers of the Constitutional Club, WC2; Ministry of Food; C. O. Stanley, chairman of Pye Ltd, Cambridge; W. S. Elliott; A. J. Woolard (about a rabbit); Messrs James Finlay, brokers; Bjorn Lundquist; J. Latham and J. C. Gridley, National Coal Board; the manager of the Mitre Hotel, Oxford; Major D. F. Bayley Pike; the Players Theatre, WC2; Wellington Stores, Manchester; N. F. Bird, the Old Edwardian Club, Stourbridge; Harold Stanesby, Engineer-in-Chief's Office; C. W. Oatley, CU Department of Engineering; R. L. Smith-Rose, National Physical Laboratory; H. N. V. Temperley, Elsa Shelley, W. S. Elliott, Delanium Ltd; B. W. Hodlin, TRE Great Malvern; David Rees; W. F. Cairns; R. A. Littleton and other members of the Kapitza Club; L. J. Comrie, the Scientific Computing Service; the Post Office, regulating possession and use of wireless transmitting devices; W. W. Graves, Cambridge University Registrary, asking MVW to sign the register on his appointment as a temporary University Lecturer in Mathematics. Also papers including 'Terms of subscription to The Eagle', 1947; notices of dining and lunching privileges, Sep. 1945, Aug. 1946, 1947 and 1948, signed by G. E. Briggs and Glyn Daniel as Steward of St John's College; notice of appointment of a College Butler, 28 Jan. 1947; welcoming material to new corporate members extended by the Institution of Electrical Engineers; Board of Trade application form for furniture and household furnishings.

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