Statistical Survey of the District of Shahabad

Scope and Content

The Statistical Survey of the District of Shahabad consists of 2 volumes. The first contains:

  • Book I: Topography and Antiquities of Shahabad (295 pages)
  • Book II: People of Shahabad(167 pages)

The second volume contains:

  • Book III: The Natural Production of Shahabad (142 pages)
  • Book IV: State of Agriculture in Shahabad (199 pages) .
  • Book V: State of Arts and Commerce in Shahabad (100 pages)
  • Index to the Map (48 pages)

Related Material

The Library Collections contain the printed "An Account of the District of Shahabad in 1809-1810" by Francis Buchanan (Patna, 1934). The material within this volume is representative of the the handwritten manuscripts, though there are some differences in the appendices. The collections also contain "Journal of Francis Buchanan kept during the survey of the district of Shahabad in 1812-1813, Edited with Notes and Introduction by C.E.A.W. Oldham (Patna 1926)

Geographical Names