Bound copy reports

Scope and Content

Four volumes containing bound reproductions of annual reports of the Public Health Laboratory (and predecessor and successor bodies) to the Council of the University of Manchester, covering 1895 to 1980. These reports give detailed information on the routine work of the Public Health Laboratory and the teaching of the Diploma of Public Health. Most are photocopies of published reports, the originals of which were probably held by the PHL and some have been annotated and corrected by Delépine. There are also some typescript copies. Each volume has a detailed typescript contents page at the front. The third volume also contains a summary of student statistics, and the fourth volume contains reproductions of various other documents relating to the PHL, in particular its staffing. The reports cover public health work in the University of Manchester, including routine and research laboratory work and teaching. Until 1901, the reports concern the public health work of both the Pathological and Bacteriological Departments, they then become the annual reports of the advisory committee and director of the Public Health Department until the death of Delépine in 1921. There is no report for 1922, and later reports are for the Department of Bacteriology and Preventive Medicine, which tend to give less detail. From 1948, when the routine laboratory work was transferred to the Public Health Laboratory Service at Monsall Hospital, the reports give details of the teaching and research of the University Department of Bacteriology, which became the Department of Bacteriology and Virology in 1966.