Agreement between the Société Asiatique and the Royal Asiatic Society

Scope and Content

Correspondence, reports and printed material regarding the agreement of cooperation made between the Société Asiatique and the Royal Asiatic Society. These are:

  • Letter from Émile Senart to Lord Reay, President, Royal Asiatic Society, concerning the possibility of the two societies cooperating. Handwritten in French, dated 19 December 1916.There is also a typed copy of this letter.
  • Notes on the meeting of the Société Asiatique and a commission that will be formed. Handwritten on the reverse of an agenda for the Council meeting of 13 February 1917.
  • Letter from the Council, Royal Asiatic Society, to Lord Reay to state that the Council at its meeting passed the resolution that they had great sympathy with the desire of Émile Senart and suggest the formation of a small committee to take this further. Handwritten, undated.
  • Letter from Émile Senart to thank for the invitation to work towards an agreement between the Societies. Handwritten in French, dated 2 March 1917.
  • Letter from Émile Senart to write concerning the forming of a committee to work with the Royal Asiatic Society. Handwritten in French, dated 9 March 1917.
  • Memorandum from the Société Asiatique concerning the appointment of a Committee to work towards more intimate relations with the Royal Asiatic Society. Typed, dated 31 March 1917.
  • Letter from Charels Lyall, Chairman of the Committee, Royal Asiatic Society to report on its deliberations of the proposal for cooperation in the Memorandum from the Société Asiatique. Typed, dated 8 May 1917.
  • Letter from Émile Senart to Charles Lyall to thank for the the comments on the proposal. Handwritten in French, dated 26 May 1917.
  • Notification that the Committee of Royal Asiatic Society had met to consider the memorandum from the Société Asiatique. The memorandum is with this note as is a copy of a further letter from Émile Senart enclosing a protocol of terms of agreement. The letter is dated 21 June 1917.
  • Statement concerning the possibilities of cooperation. Typed in French, undated.
  • Letter from Émile Senart to the President, Royal Asiatic Society, to write concerning the cooperation between the Societies and to submit a first draft of a scheme formulating the precise terms of cooperation. Handwritten in French, dated 21 June 1917. With this letter is a handwritten translation in English.
  • Report of the Committee, Royal Asiatic Society regarding the protocol sent by the Société Asiatique. Handwritten, undated.
  • "Terms of an agreement between the Société Asiatique of Paris & the Royal Asiatic Society". Handwritten list of points of agreement. Undated.
  • Letter from F.W. Thomas, Secretary of the Committee, Royal Asiatic Society, to Émile Senart to state that the Committee assented to the protocol sent and will recommend its acceptance by the Royal Asiatic Society. Handwritten, dated 19 July 1917.
  • "Notes of the Quarter (October - December 1917)" from the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society which includes "An Agreement Concluded between the Royal Asiatic Society and the Société Asiatique of Paris." Printed material.
  • "Convention Entré la Société Asiatique et la Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland". Offprint of agreement, written in French.

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