Scope and Content

These Domesday Books, properly entitled Duties on Land Values, were one of three series of valuation records (the other two being the Field Books and Forms 37-Land) created for or by the Board of Inland Revenue Valuation Offices in connection with the Finance Act, 1910, and prepared by the Inspector of Taxes. They contain entries for each hereditament in England and Wales, providing basic information relative to the valuation of the property, including the valuation assessment number, map reference, owner, occupier, situation, descriptions, and extent. Working Sheet maps relating to the survey were made between 1910 and 1915; see class VR/1.

The Field Books (available for public inspection at the Public Record Office) were prepared by the Valuation Offices, and normally contain all the information about individual hereditament to be found in the Domesday books, plus in some instances, additional details descriptive of the premises.

There are no surviving Forms 37-Land for Flintshire and only a few for Denbighshire. These contain information extracted from the Domesday Books though in a different format. A copy of this form was sent to each owner. The copies, now at Ruthin, are those which were retained by the Valuation Offices.

Acquisition Information

Immediate Source of Acquisition: records presented by the Public Record Office, London, 11 January 1980


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