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The records catalogued here were deposited as accessions 3226, 3456, 3750, 3872, 3988, 4884 and 4971 between 1991 and 2002.

The Skene Welfare Association, formerly the Oxford City Moral Welfare Association was formed in 1938, when all the moral welfare organizations working in Oxford were amalgamated. The archive therefore includes records from the Oxford House of Refuge in Floyd's Row and the Mission House in Clark's Row. More information about each organization will be found in the relevant sections of the catalogue.

The only published account of the work of the Skene Welfare Association is that in its annual reports. The Bodleian Library has a set of reports of the House of Refuge, 1879-1937 (shelf mark G.A. Oxon 8o 657), and reports of the Oxford Police Court and Prison Gate Mission, incorporating the Mission House, 1908-1924 (G.A. Oxon 8o 897). The Centre for Oxfordshire Studies has reports for the House of Refuge for 1879, 1910, 1911, 1929 and 1934, and an appeal leaflet for 1889 (all shelf mark 362.8) and reports for the Mission House, 1934 (362.8) and the City Police Court and Prison Gate Mission for 1910-1921 (364).

The catalogue is divided into the following sections:

O5/1 Oxford House of Refuge

O5/2 Mission House

O5/3 Association for Moral Welfare Work in Oxford City

O5/4 Oxford Association for Moral Welfare: Committee for Outside Work

O5/5 Oxford City Moral Welfare Association

The abbreviation OCMWA has been used for Oxford City Moral Welfare Association.

Catalogued by Elizabeth Finn, March 1994 with additions made to the catalogue in June 2003 by Jenny Childs and August 2010 by Hannah Jones. Additions to the catalogue have necessitated some alterations to existing reference numbers; a conspectus of old and new references can be found at the back of the hard-copy catalogue.

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