Illustrations to 'The looney'

Scope and Content

MS draft illustrations of a scene from ‘The looney’ by Desmond Milligan, stapled together. The illustration beneath is of a short, fat man with a moustache standing opposite a taller man with unkempt hair and stubble. In between them is a chair and at the foot of the chair is the dead body of a black dog. MS annotations in black ‘[…] EFFORT AS EXAMPLE’ at the top, ‘Dress too trendy’ underneath the taller man’ and ‘A Bit more like […] J[…] […] […]’. An MS signature ‘MILLIGAN 87’ underneath the short man. Stapled over this picture is a picture of the same scene, with some alterations made to it. The short man’s moustache is less promient and the taller man is older and fatter with shorter hair and different clothes. The chair is in worse condition, with more obvious holes in it than in the first pictur. MS annotations ‘2nd IDEA [underlined]’ at the top and a note at the bottom ‘Dear [?]essy, Joe was short + fat. But Looney is taller – so what do you think? too short? Regards Hairy’. What appears to be a later note next to this ‘Phoned Mum and told her to tell him OK | 14 Feb 87’. Item 4 above describes the correspondence relating to these illustrations.

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