TS 'Mussolini: his part in my downfall'

Scope and Content

TS draft of ‘Mussolini: his part in my downfall’, consisting of 288 leaves divided into three parts of 60, 91 and 137 leaves respectively. 52 entirely MS leaves (20, 15 and 17 in the three sections respectively). 19 instances of leaves being stapling into sections, one MS section labelled ‘ORIGINAL MS’ in Milligan’s handwriting and one TS section, also labelled in MS by Milligan ‘ORIGINAL MS Vol IIII [sic]’. Some instances of smaller leaves stapled to larger ones, and of leaves being taped together, although the tape has come unstuck in some cases. Some TS and MS foliation in the top right hand corners of leaves, and some leaves are headed or foliated with TS or MS dates. Some MS annotations by Milligan in blue and black ink. The reverse of a large number of the leaves relate to a film, presumably The Last Remake of Beau Geste (1977), with TS biographies of Peter Ustinov, Trevor Howard, Ann-Margret and James Earl Jones who starred in the film along with Milligan; also TS biographies of crew members including Marty Feldman, the director. Also on the reverse of leaves are TS sections of the script from this film and TS sections from a musical score, some of which appears to be of a song from the musical Funny Girl, the remainder unidentified with one MS annotation, possibly by Milligan. Some other leaves on reverse of headed paper bearing the address ‘Monkenhurst | The Crescent | Hadley Common | Hertfordshire’.

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