Illustration to '"Rommel?" "Gunner Who?"'

Scope and Content

MS illustration in blue and black ink of the outline of a naked man. MS caption underneath ‘German Soldier’. MS labels from top to bottom as follows: ‘Brain’; ‘Absolutely Nothing’; ‘MORE BRAIN’ ; ‘Anti-Semetism [sic] [underlined]’; ‘SEX’ and ‘This area devoted to marching in all directions.’ with arrows pointing at various body parts. MS dashed lines in blue ink to show the division of the body into the aforementioned labelled sections. MS pencil annotations on the left hand side of the paper suggest a measurement of the figure, with the number erased (possibly ‘19 cms’). MS initials ‘SM’ in black ink and circled in the bottom right hand corner. Overlaid with a leaf of tracing paper taped to the reverse, with MS annotations in red pencil and encircled ‘42a’ [crossed out]; ‘65a p 129’; ‘REDUCE TO 29%’; ‘Include handwritten caption’. On the reverse, ‘42’ in red ink and circled [crossed out] in the bottom right hand corner and a strip of tape along the bottom.

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