'Children's Stories' related material

Scope and Content

The file contains TS, MS, photocopied MS and newspaper cuttings relating to some of Milligan’s various Children’s Stories, namely ‘The giant egg’, ‘The camel boy’, ‘The sea witch’ and ‘Sir Nobonk and the terrible dreadful awful naughty nasty dragon’. It also contains a cardboard folder inside which are TS drafts of stories from the BBC series ‘What shall we tell the children’ Contained in a box file with an original handwritten label by Milligan: ‘Children’s Stories | M.S | Complete: | Giant Egg (Shell Times) | Camel Boy in Shell Mag | June 1982 + NZ Oxford Press | Sir Nobonk | Incomplete: | The Camel Boy [crossed out] | The Sea Witch | Elastic Arms | Magic Staircase | Drawings | Magic Staircase | by | Jane | M.S What shall we | tell the children | (in folder)’. The MS and drawings for ‘The Magic Staircase are however no longer in this box file.

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