'William McGonagall: the truth at last' typescript and related material

Scope and Content

The file contains a TS of ‘William McGonagall: the truth at last’ (written as ‘MacGonegal: The Truth at Last’ by Milligan on the label of the file), with drawings mounted on cardboard relating to the (including some by Peter Sellers) and a photograph of Milligan and his children. Contained in a box file with an original handwritten label by Milligan (coming loose at the bottom): ‘ORIGINAL | MS | MACGONIGAL | THE TRUTH AT | LAST | AND | DRAWINGS (miracle!)’ The note about the drawings was added later; underneath this there is another note, since crossed out, reading ‘Drawings Lost’. Some previous notes by Milligan are still visible underneath this label, including ‘a 2nd book on [...] | Drawings Missing’ and below this ‘There appears to be a lot | of mistakes in self[...] | see P.4. But this has | always been the case with | those who work | for me | Now I | do it | myself’.

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