Eliza [Tabor] to her husband

Scope and Content

From Malvern to India. Making enquiries about case o books, stationery etc. which has gone astray on voyage to India. Looking forward to metal work, pottery etc. to be added to their collection. Would like him to write to Lilian and Mabel about their confirmation. Bishop of Bombay coming for missionary tea; disappointed not to meet him again, but cannot leave house, particularly as Aunt Susan will be there. Glad that Conway is going back to America for good, as she disapproves of his ideas and influence over the Harcourts. Shocked to hear the Mr. Grant Duff has spent 40,000 rupees of public money on official residence. He should become member of St. George's Company; has not yet definitely decided to join it herself. Distressed by worldliness of Church of England. Feels Ruskin is best religious teacher.