Mary Catharine to her mother

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From Thorney to York. Has been making enquiries about a Mr Henderson who owes £6 to the school and cannot be traced. Thinks visit has done Eliza good, and had interesting talks with publisher Mr Blackett; he thinks in a short time 'She would have a position equal to Miss Mulork's ? 'St Olaves'doing well. Thinks Eliza should be given opportunity of time to write, even if it means bigger expense on servants, ready-made clothes, etc. Mr Blackett said they accepted only one in fifty of mss. submitted to them; they rejected 'East Lynne'. Felt they were in their element at Ealing with Blacketts, far more 'our own than that which we are dragged down by in York'... After these ten wasted years of the best part of our life, now that our youth is dead, we shall begin to live'.